Radical Cystectomy Recipe


Laparotomy – usually umbilicus to pubis, may be longer
Potential major blood loss
Prolonged ileus

Xmatch 4 units/fluid warmer/cell salvage
Large bore IV
Awake epidural @ T10. Test does 3ml of mix (of 20ml 0.25% levobupivicaine + 100mcg/2ml fentanyl)
GA/ETT ( – 2mcg/ml fentanyl, less propofol)
Asleep art line/CVC +/- CO monitor

Just before KTS: Top-up epidural with 5ml mix/5ml H20/5ml mixRun epidural infusion 0.125% l-bupivicaine + 2mcg/ml fentanyl 4-8ml/hr.

At end bolus 5 ml of epidural infusion.
Run remi intra-op then epidural at end/extubation
Adv: can switch off if major haemorrhage to avoid hypotension
Dis: May be difficult to wean remi->epidural and establish post-op analgesia reliably

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