Take-home messages from Maternal Critical Care study day

Pregnant women have lower oncotic pressure so have a lower threshold for pulmonary oedema.

TTP. Do not give platelets. Femoral vascath & plasma exchange.

Placental abruption. Causes DIC so give blood products early and aggressively.

To do regional in bleeding diathesis? If diathesis is corrected then its fine.

Renal disease in pregnancy:

  • In pregnancy normal values are Cr 50/Ur 3.3 (compared to 70/4)
  • Treat the cause
  • Avoid NSAIDs/toxins
  • Keep on dry side (as pul oedema is worse than AKI)
  • Talk to nephrologist
  • Hypertensives do worse than normotensives

Cannot bronchi down a size 7.0 ETT so use a larger size if possible.

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