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14th Annual Critical Care Symposium


6ml/kg, <30 cm H20, PEEP, SpO2 94-98%, recruit


Trials to review:

Recruitment, FEAT, FACTT, ACBIOS


Successful ward round

Patient, Doc, nurse, MDT

My name is (first name) to team, Dr xx to patient. call them by surname

Family present at WR. Adv: gain new info, open/honesty. Pre-claimer. Teach & treat.  Will translate.

White board next to each patient with important info, plan details.

Start at same time everyday – good for MDT

Daily plan understood by all, nurse/junior repeats back. To do list. Check

Interactive, educational, professional, fun


Crit care practitioner

service need, fill rota gaps. crit care practitioner podcast

robust ciricullum, education, cpd + appraisal pathway/training. Some can prescribe. know your limits. consistency, permanent

P. paradoxus – downwards swing in pleth/BIP in SV patient on inspiration

Digital Meeting

Positive reporting in Datix

Education – twitter journal clubs

‘Rapid weaver’ – Mac based website development

Safety events/handoever every 12 hours

[c.f. neonates WR – learning point of the 24 hours/week]

ipad/screen next to ABG with learning message

Use raspberry Pi

Check out portsmouth crit care

Laparoscopic hypercarbia

Increase MV 12-18L/min (preemptively):

High RR (compared to Vt)

High I:E. Adv: reduced peak airway pressure for a given Vt, permits higher MV. (Improved oxygenation due to increased mean airway pressure.) Dis: reduced CO due to increased mean airway pressure, in obstructive airways can lead to gas trapping.
If oxygenation not a problem then reduce PEEP to increase MV for same peak airway pressure
Consider largest possible ETT.
Ask surgeons to deflate if necessary